Strive Fitness Club gives its clients the high-quality intimate atmosphere so needed in a GYM which is like a second home for its members, making you feel comfortable, and ready to workout.

We wish to invite you to come and checkout the new modernly designed club including luxury workout facilities, high-end spaces, classes and spinning hall, and to get to know us, as well as the gym's special vibe, the home-like atmosphere, our ultra-wide variety of classes, and our convenient work hours (6Am – 11:30Pm).

All of the instructors at Strive are highly professional individuals, offering their experience, knowledge and skill at your service throughout the club's working hours. We invite you in, to persistently adopt a healthy life-style, improve your fitness levels, strengthen your muscles and develop a firm and beautiful body.

We offer special tailor-made programs for individual trainees, working one on one or in groups, combined with a diet built according to your needs and goals by a professional dedicated dietitian.
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